Tile and Grout Cleaning


Is your tile or grout dirty?

Our state-of-the-art methods, equipment and knowledge can clean your tile and grout! Since 1953 Ewing has been innovating cleaning methods to bring you the best possible results for cleaning your tile and grout. 

Over time the process cleaning the floor using various mopping techniques is the cause of the tile and grout becoming dirty. Occasional cleaning with our six step process will need to be performed. After cleaning the tile and grout you have the option of applying a clear seal or a color seal to the grout lines.
Whether your tile and grout is on a floor, in a shower or tub surround or on a backsplash we can clean it to a standard you will be proud to show.

Does your shower tile and grout have a buildup of mineral and soap film? Our services will remove this. Ask about our caulking removal and replacement services.

Ask about our commercial restroom restoration cleaning service. We can remove odors, mineral build up and anything else that should not be on your surfaces. Many of our clients notice a dramatic improvement in the way the restrooms smell and they are easier to keep clean after the restoration.

Serving Commercial and Residential Clients

Tile and grout cleaning is so easy if you call Ewing Floor Maintenance.

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Excellent Grout Coloring Services 

There's no need to tear out the old grout in your home or office if you want a new look. Call the experts at Ewing & Son's Inc. for outstanding grout coloring services. Grout coloring is an extremely cost-effective way to enhance your interior spaces.

Grout Sealing Services

Protect your grout from liquid spills and make your future cleaning process simpler with our superior grout sealing services. A sealer forms a water-tight layer that covers grout and becomes a barrier, preventing stains and discoloration.

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Let your tiles sparkle with our flawless tile cleaning services.

Check Out Our Other Property Cleaning Services

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We will protect your house while we are there cleaning. 

Corner guards to protect corners from hoses
Shoe protectors inside only never worn outside
Tarps when necessary
Door draft seals

There is no “UP-SELLING” while we are at your location. Our crews are not on any commission and will not try to sell you on up grades in service unless there is something that truly makes sense to you. Generally you will know your pricing ahead of time.
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