Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Carpet Cleaning

Is your carpet dirty?

Ewing Floor Maintenance offers a variety of methods to clean and restore your carpet.
     • Hot water extraction
Commonly called steam cleaning hot water extraction is the preferred method of most manufacturers. Our multi-step process is designed to get the maximum amount of soil out of your carpet. Not only do our methods leave you carpet cleaner and dry sooner than other methods your carpet is left chemically neutral. There is no residue left behind that can feel stick or stiff and attract re-soiling.
     • Low moisture
Encapsulation is a great low cost alternative to hot water extraction or “Steam Cleaning”

Serving Commercial and Residential Clients

Carpet cleaning is simple and easy if you call Ewing Floor Maintenance. 937-433-4362
Ewing Floor Maintenance has the worlds most powerful cleaning machine! that means cleaner carpets that are dry in less time than other equipment or methods. Generally carpets are dry in a few hours not days.

Call us today for a FREE quote. Increase the longevity of your carpets with our help! We have been accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
Looking for Reliable Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Services?
Call 937-433-4362.
Get fresh, clean, and dust-free carpets in your residential and commercial space with our carpet cleaning services.

Check Out Our Other Property Cleaning Services

Call Ewing Floor Maintenance TODAY at 937-433-4362 to schedule time for an estimate.
We will protect your house while we are there cleaning. 

Corner guards to protect corners from hoses
Shoe protectors inside only never worn outside
Tarps when necessary
Door draft seals

There is no “UP-SELLING” while we are at your location. Our crews are not on any commission and will not try to sell you on up grades in service unless there is something that truly makes sense to you. Generally you will know your pricing ahead of time.
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